Does Weight Loss Require…….Patience?


We all want instant results, everyday life is full of people who need this new phone now, or that latest pair of shoes yesterday. Whatever happened to patience, good things come to those who wait, right?

I’m no different, I am the most impatient man alive at times, but, I’m a work in progress too. My wife has taught me that rather than buying something I can’t afford, wait until you have saved for it, if you still want it fine, but more often than not I realize I didn’t want or need what I was craving anyway.

Don’t tell her I said she’s right, I mean she always is but as a guy you don’t admit it do you?!

The same thing tends to happen within fitness and health, get rock hard abs in 3 days or, the latest celebrity diet plan that promises you’ll look like them in a week! Why do you want to look like somebody else anyway, your talking plastic surgery to get Angelina’s lips, and that sort of thing doesn’t look great afterwards either in my opinion, and I know I wouldn’t want to go through that?!

Most magazines airbrush these images anyway to make them look even more defined than they actually are.  Why not concentrate on making a better healthier version of yourself, it makes more sense to me.

I have people asking all the time that they want to get ripped in four weeks before they go on holiday. If you want to drop weight drastically you can, but a couple of questions I would ask, is it healthy, will it stay off? If the answer to that is your not bothered, knock yourself out, probably literally!

My personal opinion is stay in it for the long haul and be patient. You are more likely going to be successful with any lifestyle changes if it’s gradual. New habits take 21 days to become imprinted in our brains, so make one or two changes at a time, concentrate on that until it b