Its All Part Of The Process.


It’s all part of the process! We are evolutionary creatures, intelligent beings that have some of the most creative, astonishing ideas within the arts and sciences.

I am a musician as well as a training coach, all be it only as a hobby, but when you look closely at some of the creations made within music, it’s beautiful the way we can almost communicate through sound as well as language.

Some scientific genius in years gone by too, reading this now is due to human intelligence, putting a computer in every home and being connected to pretty much anyone, anytime.

Why is it then, we can write amazing symphonies, paint staggering portraits, and invent mind blowing products, yet a basic human requirement like fueling our bodies correctly goes missing somewhere in the ether?

Let’s look at the evidence, there is a fast food chain of some description on near enough every street corner. We know they’re no good for us, but we go through with it anyway. Why? Convenience!

Yes we all want it quick, no hassle, no need to think about what to do for dinner etc.

The crooks of it is, cooking a home-made dinner doesn’t need to be complicated.

The nutrients you receive from whole foods far surpass that of even a healthier option from a take away chain.

A big problem is advertising us to death!

These so called healthy options are not as healthy as you think as well. They may contain less than their other options but it still doesn’t mean they’re any good.

Let’s take at a good old fashioned Saturday night Chinese. Heavily fried in copious amounts of oil, I’m going to guess it’s not a healthy fat either.

Where is your meat from? Where and how was it reared?

Do the vegetables contain pesticides? Were they fresh?

You might be tempted into having a starter, deep fried battered prawns anyone? The calorific value soon tots up, and there is not a lot of nutrient value, or at least what there is outweighed by the bad stuff.

Now lets take some ingredients from your local market or farm shop. Let’s have some whole foods on the go. When I say whole foods I mean things that have one ingredient. For example broccoli and chicken are one single ingredient. They have no additives or nasties in them.

The Chinese take away is an example of processed food, which is also your ready-meals we all seem to love.

Avoid processed food at all costs. You have no idea what they contain, at least if you cook yourself from whole foods, you know your fueling yourself correctly.

Cooking can be daunting for some people, but like anything, once you have done it a few times, you get the hang of it.

My advice would be to select three or four of your favorite dishes, and perfect them before you decide to add variety and get more adventurous.

You can find some inspirational ideas inside the ebook.





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