Does Metabolism Slow With Age?


Does metabolism slow with age? This is a question that has come often when training with people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s in particular. It seems to be the common thought that, ‘it’s just one of those things’, and that there’s nothing that can be done about it, you can’t fight mother nature right?

You see loads of guys with their ‘bought for’ beer bellies, and the ladies with those muffin tops blaming it on the fact that it’s a cause of getting older.

The problem arises from having sedentary lifestyles. Now, I’m not for a minute suggesting we are all lazy. I mean, we all need our downtime from our busy schedules to relax, and rightly so, I know I do, but unfortunately modern society and specifically the workplace sort of dictates that we are.

How often do you have a working lunch, eating at your desk? We are all busy, busy, busy. On the whole most of us are sat down for too long.

Metabolism increases when we have more lean tissue in our body. When I say lean tissue I mean bone and muscle, these components require a lot of energy for maintenance, meaning you burn more calories at rest. If we sit down for long periods, we are not strengthening those areas of our body that helps us burn fat, in fact the opposite.

We need to increase our exercise and feed the lean tissue the correct nutrients to thrive, and if we don’t, guess what happens? Yep, lean tissue decreases, adipose (fat) tissue increases, metabolism slows down.

So does metabolism slow with age?

I think there is more of a case for our lives get more complicated, priorities change, (especially if you have kids), and time to do the right things often go on the back-burner.

It’s not that your metabolism slows with age, it’s because we don’t keep our metabolic rate high with certain choices we make. We want ease and convenience with our food choices, which often end up the wrong ones.

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The exercises we perform are often wrong too. Many of the ones we do may even be affecting your metabolism in a detrimental manner!

It comes down to the age old tradition of movement and nutrition, if you get these right, you’ll be a fat burning machine, no matter what your age!

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