Psychology Of Fatloss


The psychology of going from fat to lean is actually really difficult. I was a heavy guy for a good few years, and with that came all sorts of varying, underlying health problems which would have escalated had I not done something about it.

When I was in my late teens to early twenties I had some real confidence problems. I found it difficult to talk to women, I was the quietest guy in my group of friends too.

Whenever we were out my friends would get chatting to girls with ease, more often than not striking up some form of relationship with them, whether that would be long term or not, (if you know what I mean!).

I was always left behind, going home wondering what might have been, and basically fantasizing about a different conclusion, if only I could strike up some courage! Things might be different.

I was even too scared to crack a witty comment with my closest mates in case nobody laughed.

It wasn’t just about meeting girls though, my lack of confidence transpired into other aspects of my life, work for example. This was awkward as I was in a management role, and yet trying to find the courage to make difficult decisions and then be able to stand by them and present my arguments in front of the big bosses filled me with utter dread.

It is strange that essentially losing weight seemed to correct all of my little ailments, but it took time! The mental side of losing weight is in my opinion the hardest, initially. The issues I had when I dropped so much, was that in my head, I was still that fat guy low on confidence and self esteem.

The attention from the opposite sex I craved for so long was now happening, but I didn’t realize it. I still didn’t have the confidence to take a conversation to a stranger at first, but over time my confidence grew.

I was a better manager at work, my communication skills went through the roof eventually, and now I can talk to anyone with no problem at all. I used to be so frightened of making a fool of myself I never spoke. I am the clown in every room now, and you know what, I like it!

It’s not about looking like the latest Hollywood heart throb, it’s about gaining self-confidence and worth, that’s what people wanted, it’s not my appearance that was the issue, it was my presentation.

The point I’m trying to make is, it can be a difficult transition mentally at first because you might still be in the same mind frame, but the best thing you can do is get healthy, follow a good plan involving exercise and good nutrition and the rest follows. ‎

Be confident. Be you.

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