Calories in/ calories out, have we got it wrong?


I was in the supermarket yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice two women standing over a vast array of chocolate bars and sweets looking intently, one of the ladies chose one, picked it up, her friend then said “don’t eat that one!, It has more calories than this one here”.

I had to giggle.

Then a wash of guilt came over me as a thought crept into my head. Hang on they’re not stupid at all, this is the general type of nutritional information we are dealt, it’s not their fault, ( I don’t know you ladies but I sincerely apologise).

Within the same outing I heard another rather interesting comment.

Another lady talking to her work colleague, (they had uniform on), about slimming clubs (who will remain nameless), and point systems. The general gist was that they could eat whatever they wanted as long as they didn’t go over the maximum point allowance for that day.


Destined for failure.

In essence, both of these scenarios come down to one thing, calories in /calories out.

Taking scenario one, deciding which chocolate bar is ‘better’ for you. One has 200 calories, the other 170 per serving! Food labels and the food industry are crafty, check this. Plus, the two bars are going to create the same affect on your fat storing hormones. So really it does not matter about the calorie element to a point, a calorie is simply a measure of energy.

You could have a bag of carrots at 200 calories, but it will not create the same hormonal response as having the chocolate bar.

This is where point systems are, in my opinion, a load of crap. Might as well be blunt, but they essentially instruct you that you can have 2000 calories per day for example, you could eat 2000 calories of cake. Is that really going to help you? No, it will cause insulin to go wild, and have a huge effect on where those calories go.

I may be taking that to the extreme but you see the point.

Calorie in vs calorie out simply does not work in the long run.

Slimming clubs have a great success originally with their clients because they create a calorie deficit, which does cause weight loss, weight loss. Sorry needed to emphasize that. This is what you don’t want long term.

What we all really want is fat loss.

Weight loss implies everything is measured on the scales, what actually happens is you lose not just fat, which by the way is small in comparison to the loss of bone, muscle and other lean tissue, which is also lost.

Lean tissue is metabolically active, so as you lose it guess what, your metabolism slows. This is when you hit a plateau give up and pile pounds back on. Only this time it’s worse because you’ve slowed your metabolic rate down, put more fat back on, and your body composition is in complete disarray.

Throw the scales away!

Put the correct calories in to aid lean tissue growth, and get your hormones working for you not against you.

Stay lean, Keep clean.


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