Do busy lives affect Health?


Do you find life gets in the way of trying to stay healthy? Or making those ‘easier’ choices because of work or family commitments.

It is a tough balance to adhere to when it’s all cracking off.

I recently became a dad for the second time, I have two lovely boys, the eldest has just turned 2, and the youngest is 9 weeks old. Talk about mayhem! My house is crazy loco at the moment.

I also work 50+ hours a week as well as trying to run a fitness business, there are simply not enough hours in the day.

So with all that and trying to have fun with my wife and boys, life is very demanding, I do however find (force sometimes) into my schedule time for planned exercise. Also being main hunter/ gatherer in the household I make sure nutritious home cooked dinners are readily available to all.

With my wife breastfeeding our little one she also needs all the right stuff for him. Not to brag, but she calls me superman sometimes because of everything I do. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely compliment but in my opinion, (don’t tell her this), I’m not. My secret is being organised. Simple. And you can take that bit of forward planning into all aspects of your life.

If you want something bad enough, you will do it.

You can take this forward planning attitude and turn your life around. Especially if you are finding it difficult to find the time for a planned exercise routine.

Personally, I order my food online through an organic farm company, so I know it’s all good nutrient wise, no horrible chemicals etc, plus I can do careful planning on how much I order for the week so none is wasted. This part is trial and error, but only takes a few weeks to get right. You probably think doing it that way is expensive, it actually isn’t, for me anyway, we always choose quality over quantity and that works for us.

I only schedule 3 workouts per week that last roughly 45 mins. I do these when the kids are in bed and dinner is cooking in the oven, again saving time.

The 3 workouts are heavy weight resistance training to build and/or maintain lean mass, (more on this another time), but I make sure I do them in the week. I sometimes do other workouts as well if time allows, but I only plan for 3, that way I don’t get down psychologically if I miss one.

I also walk wherever I can to get more in, but to be honest having the 2 boys gives me the runaround I need anyway.

The moral here really is to adjust and find something you can stick to. There is no point starting a 6 day per week bodybuilding style split routine if it isn’t feasable, you will get disheartened and end up where you started anyway.

Life can be stressful and busy, but what really is more important than you and your families health?



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