Obesity in Kids


I recently attended a career progression course on childhood obesity, and some of the information was quite shocking.

We need to seriously look at this problem, as a society, together, and sort it out.

My worry is that if we don’t all take responsibility for this problem, the future of the next generation, and ones after that is very bleak.

In fact it will come to a point where parents will out live their offspring!

Speaking as a father, and a human, this cannot be allowed to happen.

It amazes me that we really concentrate on academic subjects at school like maths and science, which we should by the way, but not to the complete detriment and ignorance of other aspects of life.

It’s no good being potentially the greatest scientist on the planet and not reaching the age of 30 because of a metabolic disease?!

We should also have a big emphasis on cooking, and teaching kids and their guardians about food and ingredients. What to look out for, and things to avoid.

We need to be overhauling the whole system in my opinion from the top down.

It starts with the information we receive from the government regarding their guidelines on healthy diet and eating patterns which should be changed.

Advertising is a major problem, especially when they are targeted at children. They have a lot to answer for. I know they have a job to do for big conglomerates but maybe they should take a good hard look at themselves with regard to their products.

Again this can be changed by government guidelines on advertising and hitting the big corporations hard, but I’m afraid money is the root of the evil there.

You will notice that most foods aimed at children are full of artificial rubbish and sugar to improve taste, even down to the labelled ‘health cereals’.

The packaging is bright and colourful and very attractive and appealing; very clever. They always mention the good stuff in the product, and seem to disregard all the nasty elements that are hampering our kids health.

The other problem of course is convincing our kids to play the latest computer game and therefore halting exercise in favour of the screen entertainment.

All these things add up to a massive problem that is then transferred to the next generation.

For example, I make a concerted effort to take part in physical play with my son. If he sees me lazing around all day playing computer games, guess what, he’ll be doing the same.

I got my 21 month old copying me performing burpees the other day, and he was in stitches, (as was I).

He always uses me as a climbing frame too, he is very active naturally, but he also wants to copy daddy.

There must be a direct correlation between a childs exercise patterns and their parents activity levels.

It’s the same too for food choices. Mummy and daddy are eating their vegetables, so am I. Mummy and daddy are eating pizza and chips, why do they expect me not to and have vegetables?!

Trouble being that this situation will only escalate. Unless we all stand together and do something about it.

Bottom line, we need to make change for the sake of all of our future.

Keep clean, stay lean


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