Runners Look Sick



I was watching some of the commonwealth games last night and during the 10000 metres thought to myself, ‘these runners look ill to me’.

On came Usain Bolt half an hour later, I looked at my wife and said, ‘now that is the ultimate male human specimen’. She then decided to tell me how gorgeous he was, but that’s besides the point.

What an incredible difference between the two, no doubting they are all obviously fit, but the long distance runners looked emaciated and gaunt. The winner’s legs looked brittle and weak.

I was a fat kid and wished I could be ‘that thin’, but now I wouldn’t entertain it.

I see the same on the roads, people trying to get fit and lose a few pounds by running the streets, a lot of them with their knees strapped up trying desperately to keep going whilst carrying injuries. Ironically those injuries would have come through doing the very thing they are trying to ‘get fit’ with. Seems a little strange to me.

Speaking from past experience here, I’d go running, (with an ankle problem), usually in the morning before I set off to work. I would get back after an hour and a half of running, get showered, then eat like there was no end in sight.

Toast, porridge, jam, orange juice. You name it, I ate it.

So that 90 minutes of hurt actually came to nothing anyway! Apart from ruining my digestion and health! Not to mention putting ON weight.

Going back to Mr. Bolt being a perfect specimen. He is big, strong, fast, muscular, and above all looks healthy and happy. (Then again who wouldn’t if you were him)

I bet his training wouldn’t consist of pounding the streets of Kingston for hours on end everyday of the week. I can’t see Usain Bolt doing that somehow.

He will be doing a lot of resistance work, speed drills, sprinting and other short burst activities.

Personally if I go out for a 10 minute sprint/ rest session, the last thing on my mind is eating straight away.

Science studies have proven also that this type of training burns more calories in the after-burn effect as well, so as the Americans would say, ‘you get more bang for your buck’.

Would you rather work out for 10 minutes or 90? I know what I would rather be doing.

If you love running, great, go for it. That’s not the point. The point is if you want to lose body fat, be strong, look healthy, you are better off with short burst training than hours and hours of heartache.

Keep clean, stay lean.



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