About Me

Hi I’m Phill, two years ago I was 16 stone, out of breath constantly, and suffered from a sleep disorder known as night terrors. Looking back I was also pretty down about how I felt, which was bloated and always hungry. It was when I couldn’t get to the top of a set of stairs without being bent over double trying to get my breath back that made me realize that things had to change. If I’d have carried on with that lifestyle, I dread to think where I would be health wise, more than likely obese, type 2 diabetic, and with probably a number of other metabolic diseases.

I used to practice Muay Thai boxing when in my teens and was reasonably fit, running and swimming frequently too. Then I developed a love for drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, eating pizzas and other junk foods because it was easy, and to a certain extend the norm as a young man!

Wow! Writing that down makes me shudder with horror now. Surely I must be explaining someone else?




Now, I’ve changed my life around, I feel vibrant, full of energy and happier than I have ever been. I am a family man, with a beautiful wife and two sons and life is brilliant. Thanks has to go to them for helping me along the path I’ve taken, their support is second to none. And they remain an inspiration for me to constantly do better.

I have in this time qualified as a personal trainer, GP Referral specialist, nutritionist,


Good Nutrition + Frequent Exercise

80% + 20%

Good nutrition is the key to any healthy lifestyle, specifically with regard to fat loss and maintenance.

The psychology to adapt from your current living habits, and turn them into a whole new lifestyle, changing the way you think about food and exercise is empowering, and you will place yourself into a more positive mind set by gaining more self-confidence.

I hope to empower and help people in improving all aspects of their lives.

This information is FREE. Follow the blog.

I feel we are not just on the brink of a big problem, but we are in it!

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