Paleo-(ish) Pizza


This is a pizza recipe for the Primal/paleo community.

So simple it’s ridiculous, so I’ll keep it that way too.

1 cup tapioca flour

0.5 cup coconut flour

0.5 cup olive oil

0.5 cup water

salt to taste

Mix all the above together until a dough forms.

Flatten with wet hands to stop it sticking.

Roll up the edges and bake on high for 15 mins.

Add toppings then place in oven again for another 10 mins.


pizza 2

Depending on your choice of veggies, it may be worth pre cooking them. I did this with mine. I pre cooked mushrooms and onion in garlic. Added to this was some pepperoni, ricotta cheese and a bit of mozzerella and tomato.

I can’t take full credit as I got the dough recipe online somewhere, unfortunately can’t recall where from but had to share.

This got me through my football team losing in the FA cup on friday evening though!


Duck Thai Curry

duck thai curry

If you love Thai food as I do, you’ll have to make this. It is so simple to do and only takes about 30 minutes from ingredients to plate.

I’ll do it for one serving, adjust as needed;


  • 1 duck breast
  • half red pepper
  • handful of broad beans
  • half can coconut milk
  • half red onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • fresh lemongrass
  • fresh basil
  • handful cashews
  • thumb of ginger
  • coconut oil
  • chili (to taste)
  • fish sauce (for saltiness)

Cook your duck as required, I like my meat rare, (a good vet would have it back up again!). Up to you but I like to sear mine in the pan then oven cook for the desired amount.

Whilst your bird is in the oven, (the other one was watching TV), heat the coconut oil in a pan.

Add the garlic, ginger, chili, lemongrass, basil and fry for 30-60 seconds.

Throw the red onion in for a few minutes, turning the heat down. I like chunky pieces of veg so they were roughly chopped. Lob in the red pepper after the onion starts to soften.

Dry your eyes from the onion!

the broad beans and coconut milk can now go in the pan to gently simmer, along with a splash of fish sauce.

Simmer for about 15 minutes, adding the cashews a couple of minutes before serving so they still have crunch.

Serve, don’t forget your duck breast.

If you are low carbing you can choose either no rice or cauliflour rice. I find it quite satisfying as it is.



Primal Lasagne

I had this for dinner last night and it was the bomb, plus very low carb, check it out.

lasagne 1 lasagne 2




1. Make your mince layer by frying, or better still slow cooking your beef mince, onion, garlic, sea salt, pepper and herbs with a touch of tomato puree. (herbs used were parsley, oregano and basil).

2. Whilst your meat layer is cooking, slice some aubergine, cover in olive oil and roast for about 10 minutes each side. Your aubergine can be as thick as your preference suggests.

3. In a separate bowl, mix ricotta cheese, parmesan, and eggs until smooth.

4. Layer up your baking dish with your meat, aubergine and cheesy mixture and bake for about 20-25 minutes.

5. Take your time and enjoy.


Ingredients needed:

Beef mince (a good handful portion)

2 onions

garlic cloves (to your taste)


sea salt and pepper

2 aubergines

olive oil

3 eggs

1 tub of ricotta cheese

handful of parmesan