Paleo-(ish) Pizza


This is a pizza recipe for the Primal/paleo community.

So simple it’s ridiculous, so I’ll keep it that way too.

1 cup tapioca flour

0.5 cup coconut flour

0.5 cup olive oil

0.5 cup water

salt to taste

Mix all the above together until a dough forms.

Flatten with wet hands to stop it sticking.

Roll up the edges and bake on high for 15 mins.

Add toppings then place in oven again for another 10 mins.


pizza 2

Depending on your choice of veggies, it may be worth pre cooking them. I did this with mine. I pre cooked mushrooms and onion in garlic. Added to this was some pepperoni, ricotta cheese and a bit of mozzerella and tomato.

I can’t take full credit as I got the dough recipe online somewhere, unfortunately can’t recall where from but had to share.

This got me through my football team losing in the FA cup on friday evening though!


Duck Thai Curry

duck thai curry

If you love Thai food as I do, you’ll have to make this. It is so simple to do and only takes about 30 minutes from ingredients to plate.

I’ll do it for one serving, adjust as needed;


  • 1 duck breast
  • half red pepper
  • handful of broad beans
  • half can coconut milk
  • half red onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • fresh lemongrass
  • fresh basil
  • handful cashews
  • thumb of ginger
  • coconut oil
  • chili (to taste)
  • fish sauce (for saltiness)

Cook your duck as required, I like my meat rare, (a good vet would have it back up again!). Up to you but I like to sear mine in the pan then oven cook for the desired amount.

Whilst your bird is in the oven, (the other one was watching TV), heat the coconut oil in a pan.

Add the garlic, ginger, chili, lemongrass, basil and fry for 30-60 seconds.

Throw the red onion in for a few minutes, turning the heat down. I like chunky pieces of veg so they were roughly chopped. Lob in the red pepper after the onion starts to soften.

Dry your eyes from the onion!

the broad beans and coconut milk can now go in the pan to gently simmer, along with a splash of fish sauce.

Simmer for about 15 minutes, adding the cashews a couple of minutes before serving so they still have crunch.

Serve, don’t forget your duck breast.

If you are low carbing you can choose either no rice or cauliflour rice. I find it quite satisfying as it is.



Time Strapped Fat Loss


We all have limited time in our lives, when the hell do we get time to workout?

This is a short post with 4 effective but short fat blasters.

Let’s dive straight in;

  1. The 10 to 1:    Perform 10 perfect burpees, take 10 deep breaths, do 9 perfect burpees, take 9 deep breaths, do 8 more burpees…….. you get the gist. All the way down to 1. If you’re feeling brave or stupid! go back up the ladder.
  2. Every Minute On The Minute:    5 Pull ups, 10 Push ups, 15 bodyweight squats, as low down as possible. Set your timer, perform all 3 exercises with no rest, see how long you can go. 10-20 minutes and your hurting!
  3. The Dead Dip:      Start with an empty bar, perform 5 deadlifts, then 5 bodyweight parallel dips. Load 5-10 kg on the bar and repeat. Keep going until you hit your 5 rep max on deadlift. Rest as little as possible. Bust those lungs.
  4. 21-15-9:     Get a weight that challenges you, whether its a kettlebell, barbell or dumbell. Or even something you can find in the park, I’ve used a concrete boulder before. Perform 21 clean and presses, take a breather when needed but do all 21 before moving on to performing 21 pull ups. Then 15 clean and presses, 15 pull ups, 9 and 9 then finish. Doesn’t sound much in print but trust me, you’ll be praying for the finish.

These will take no time at all, and will push you in every way possible. Enjoy!


Primal Lasagne

I had this for dinner last night and it was the bomb, plus very low carb, check it out.

lasagne 1 lasagne 2




1. Make your mince layer by frying, or better still slow cooking your beef mince, onion, garlic, sea salt, pepper and herbs with a touch of tomato puree. (herbs used were parsley, oregano and basil).

2. Whilst your meat layer is cooking, slice some aubergine, cover in olive oil and roast for about 10 minutes each side. Your aubergine can be as thick as your preference suggests.

3. In a separate bowl, mix ricotta cheese, parmesan, and eggs until smooth.

4. Layer up your baking dish with your meat, aubergine and cheesy mixture and bake for about 20-25 minutes.

5. Take your time and enjoy.


Ingredients needed:

Beef mince (a good handful portion)

2 onions

garlic cloves (to your taste)


sea salt and pepper

2 aubergines

olive oil

3 eggs

1 tub of ricotta cheese

handful of parmesan



Do busy lives affect Health?


Do you find life gets in the way of trying to stay healthy? Or making those ‘easier’ choices because of work or family commitments.

It is a tough balance to adhere to when it’s all cracking off.

I recently became a dad for the second time, I have two lovely boys, the eldest has just turned 2, and the youngest is 9 weeks old. Talk about mayhem! My house is crazy loco at the moment.

I also work 50+ hours a week as well as trying to run a fitness business, there are simply not enough hours in the day.

So with all that and trying to have fun with my wife and boys, life is very demanding, I do however find (force sometimes) into my schedule time for planned exercise. Also being main hunter/ gatherer in the household I make sure nutritious home cooked dinners are readily available to all.

With my wife breastfeeding our little one she also needs all the right stuff for him. Not to brag, but she calls me superman sometimes because of everything I do. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely compliment but in my opinion, (don’t tell her this), I’m not. My secret is being organised. Simple. And you can take that bit of forward planning into all aspects of your life.

If you want something bad enough, you will do it.

You can take this forward planning attitude and turn your life around. Especially if you are finding it difficult to find the time for a planned exercise routine.

Personally, I order my food online through an organic farm company, so I know it’s all good nutrient wise, no horrible chemicals etc, plus I can do careful planning on how much I order for the week so none is wasted. This part is trial and error, but only takes a few weeks to get right. You probably think doing it that way is expensive, it actually isn’t, for me anyway, we always choose quality over quantity and that works for us.

I only schedule 3 workouts per week that last roughly 45 mins. I do these when the kids are in bed and dinner is cooking in the oven, again saving time.

The 3 workouts are heavy weight resistance training to build and/or maintain lean mass, (more on this another time), but I make sure I do them in the week. I sometimes do other workouts as well if time allows, but I only plan for 3, that way I don’t get down psychologically if I miss one.

I also walk wherever I can to get more in, but to be honest having the 2 boys gives me the runaround I need anyway.

The moral here really is to adjust and find something you can stick to. There is no point starting a 6 day per week bodybuilding style split routine if it isn’t feasable, you will get disheartened and end up where you started anyway.

Life can be stressful and busy, but what really is more important than you and your families health?




Calories in/ calories out, have we got it wrong?


I was in the supermarket yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice two women standing over a vast array of chocolate bars and sweets looking intently, one of the ladies chose one, picked it up, her friend then said “don’t eat that one!, It has more calories than this one here”.

I had to giggle.

Then a wash of guilt came over me as a thought crept into my head. Hang on they’re not stupid at all, this is the general type of nutritional information we are dealt, it’s not their fault, ( I don’t know you ladies but I sincerely apologise).

Within the same outing I heard another rather interesting comment.

Another lady talking to her work colleague, (they had uniform on), about slimming clubs (who will remain nameless), and point systems. The general gist was that they could eat whatever they wanted as long as they didn’t go over the maximum point allowance for that day.


Destined for failure.

In essence, both of these scenarios come down to one thing, calories in /calories out.

Taking scenario one, deciding which chocolate bar is ‘better’ for you. One has 200 calories, the other 170 per serving! Food labels and the food industry are crafty, check this. Plus, the two bars are going to create the same affect on your fat storing hormones. So really it does not matter about the calorie element to a point, a calorie is simply a measure of energy.

You could have a bag of carrots at 200 calories, but it will not create the same hormonal response as having the chocolate bar.

This is where point systems are, in my opinion, a load of crap. Might as well be blunt, but they essentially instruct you that you can have 2000 calories per day for example, you could eat 2000 calories of cake. Is that really going to help you? No, it will cause insulin to go wild, and have a huge effect on where those calories go.

I may be taking that to the extreme but you see the point.

Calorie in vs calorie out simply does not work in the long run.

Slimming clubs have a great success originally with their clients because they create a calorie deficit, which does cause weight loss, weight loss. Sorry needed to emphasize that. This is what you don’t want long term.

What we all really want is fat loss.

Weight loss implies everything is measured on the scales, what actually happens is you lose not just fat, which by the way is small in comparison to the loss of bone, muscle and other lean tissue, which is also lost.

Lean tissue is metabolically active, so as you lose it guess what, your metabolism slows. This is when you hit a plateau give up and pile pounds back on. Only this time it’s worse because you’ve slowed your metabolic rate down, put more fat back on, and your body composition is in complete disarray.

Throw the scales away!

Put the correct calories in to aid lean tissue growth, and get your hormones working for you not against you.

Stay lean, Keep clean.



Push Up Power

download-push updownload-push up

Push ups are one of those exercises that get dismissed quite easily in many weight control programs. Is it because of their simplicity? Are they not rated that highly by health professionals because of all the new shiny equipment in posh gyms these days that on the face of it seem to get better results?

My honest opinion, it is one of the best exercises you could have in your exercise armoury.


The answer is quite simple, they are simple exercises to perform, and what I mean by that is you don’t have to figure out what this machine does, how the pulleys work, what does this clip or handle do?

They are safe. The only equipment you need is the floor, and floors are everywhere! No equipment or heavy weights have to be carried around, no work bench needed, just a floor and you. This also means you don’t need a gym, and all that goes with having to go to a gym, expense, time etc.

The push up is a versatile exercise, it doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is, there is a variation for you. You can build from never having done one before to progressing through the variations of the exercise and eventually banging out some plyometric push ups.

The push up enables you to build functional strength as it uses a lot of major muscles at the same time, in unison.

When you perform a full push up, you not only work your chest, shoulders and triceps, but your back, abs and legs have to work isometrically to stabalize your body. Hence it is a full body workout. The British military, as well as others do push ups as a staple. They can’t all be wrong!


If you can’t hold your weight in a plank position just yet, you can place your knees on the floor to take the pressure off until you gain strength.


You can perform full push ups with correct form and lowering all the way down, now it’s  about adding more sets/reps to push you a little more.


You can do a lot of sets or reps with relative ease, maybe try some declines by placing your feet on a small wall or the sofa for example.

I have done them in the past with my wife sat on my back for added weight, (think she enjoyed making me suffer a bit too much though!)

Alternatively you can try some lung busting plyometric push ups.

So get down and give me twenty.

Keep clean, stay lean.